FAQ: How To Check Stepper Motor?

How do I know if my stepper motor is bad?

Most inexpensive motors use glue to hold the shaft to the rotor, and most quality steppers will use grooving along with adhesive. To test the motor, first use an ohmmeter. It will indicate if a winding is burnt up and what type of step motor you have, usually a bipolar or unipolar.

How is stepper motor resistance measured?

Resistance in the stepper motors is measured on the two phases. To measure the resistance, disconnect the motor at the connectors (see Figure 1). There are four wires to each motor. Starting from either side, the first two wires are one phase and the remaining two wires are the second phase.

Why do stepper motors fail?

Short Circuit. One of the major problems with a stepper motor is complete motor failure. This problem is caused by excessive current being sent to the device by the power supply. A short circuit in the wiring from the power supply to the motor cause this problem with the stepper motor.

How fast can stepper motors turn?

Generally speaking the top speed of a stepper motor is approximately 1000rpm. The exact speeds that are possible depend on the specific motor being used and the controller being used with it.

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Can you turn a stepper motor by hand?

Normally, you can easily turn a stepper motor shaft by hand, and you can feel each of the 200 ‘detents’ as you rotate the shaft. However, these motors were very hard to turn by hand. Well, the motor was just fine.

How do you control the speed of a stepper motor?

The speed of the rotors rotation in a stepper motor may be controlled in a variety of ways. Three such possibilities are through a series resistance, gearbox and voltage regulation. Each type has advantages over each other, and a methods implementation depends on the motor application and functionality.

How do you test a stepper motor coil?

How to Do This.. Now take Meter + and connects to a wire of the stepper motor now whit the — coneect to the other 3 wires stop when you have a resistance you have the first coil,now check the two wire who remained you must have the same resistance,now you have 2 colis. the second two measured 1.8 ohms.

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